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Fa Un Freddo Cane

Idioms in any language are always quite funny, but for whatever reason I really enjoy Italian modo di dire (idioms)... maybe it's because they just seem so, Italian?

Learning Italian Idioms

#3 "Fa un freddo cane"

This phrase literally translates to "It's cold dog." This idiom is used when it is really cold outside.

When an English (American) speaker would normally use the phrase It's freezing cold to describe the temperature, Italians would use this idiom!

The first time I heard someone say this, it does a cold dog, I literally had no idea what was going on. This was the only phrase that was said 'fa un freddo cane' and the other people quickly agreed.. huh? It does a cold dog? What does a cold dog? What even is 'a cold dog?'

After having this phrase explained to me, I understood that it was in reference to the weather... but how do dogs and the temperature go together? After thinking about it further, I guess it is like when teenagers say that "it's cold as balls out" ...another phrase that just doesn't make sense, but is understood to mean its really, really, cold.

All in all, I like this idiom, simply because I think that it is such a funny way of describing the weather.

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