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Untranslatable Italian Word: Abbiocco

Untranslatable Italian word #1 - Abbiocco.

This word is used to describe an emotion/feeling/sensation that is culturally based to Italians as I truly cannot think of just one word that captures the exact meaning in the English language.

"Molte persone sono in Abbiocco."


Abbiocco is a word that I have come across in the Italian language that cannot be translated into just one English word. Abbiocco is an emotion/feeling/sensation that one receives after eating a large meal.

The emotion/feeling/sensation of a drowsiness, an excessive tiredness, or that sensation one gets in the moment that you feel yourself falling asleep - due to an eating a large meal.

This word is most frequently used by Italians after they eat a stereotypical 'Italian Style' Sunday lunch, every holiday, or anytime they go home to 'La Mamma' and eat a meal.

The only experience in American culture that I can truly relate the true emotion which is tied to the meaning of this word is after you have eaten many, many, many helpings of food on Thanksgiving.

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