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Sta Come il Cacio Sui Maccheroni...

Idioms in any language are always quite funny, but for whatever reason I really enjoy Italian modo di dire (idioms)... maybe it's because they just seem so, Italian?

Learning Italian Idioms

#5 "Sta Come il Cacio Sui Maccheroni..."

This phrase literally translates to "It is like cheese on pasta." This idiom is used when something is the absolute perfect combination.

When an English (American) speaker would normally use the phrase "It fits it to a T," "it goes together like peanut butter and jelly," Italians would use this idiom!

This idiom is a way of saying that two things or a situation couldn't fit together more perfectly. One thing you may or may not know about Italians is that they are literally always talking about food. When I lived in San Francisco, this is one thing that always made me laugh... "San Franciscans" would spend Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday speaking about where they were going to brunch on Saturday and Sunday. Then, would spend Monday and Tuesday talking about the amazing brunch spot they went to over the weekend and what they ate. But, Italians spend almost every opportunity to talk about food. They even talk about the food they wish they were eating when they are actively eating.

So, needless to say, when I first heard this idiom, I laughed, hard. Of course, Italians use a comparison to cheese and maccheroni pasta when talking about the ideal situation or ideal combination... of course.

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