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Sto Perdendo Colpi...

I absolutely adore Italy, but after living in the USA for 25 years, there are just some Italian customs, habits and patterns that I just can't fully wrap my head around.

Learning Italian Idioms

#8 "Sto Perdendo Colpi!"

This phrase literally translates to "I'm losing shots." This idiom is used when you are trying to tell someone you missed an opportunity or made an error or mistake.

When an English (American) speaker would normally use the phrase "I'm dropping the ball."

This expression "I'm dropping the ball" comes from the American sport of Football, so it makes sense that this phrase is not totally translatable as Football is not a sport in Italy. Because, in Football, when you drop the ball during a play, it is not seen as a good thing but rather a failure or mistake.

This idiom, "I'm losing shots", could maybe be compared in a similar way but more related to Soccer here in Italy as that is the most popular sport.

Next time you are talking to someone try out this phrase and see their reaction!

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