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Podcasts: What's On My List

Taking a trip, have a long commute to work or just looking for a new Podcast to listen to? Here is my list of some of my favorites that I am currently listening to...

1. Cults

Topic: Society & Culture

This podcast talks about some of the most notorious cults to date by talking about and exploring the manipulation, the psychology, and the minds of their leaders and participants.

This podcast is associated with the podcast: Serial Killers as the co-hosts are the same.

2. Serial Killers

Topic: Society & Culture

This podcast explores some of the most famous serial killers in modern day history. Usually taking up 2 episodes worth of information, Serial Killers takes a psychological approach into the breakdown of the mind, methods, and madness for each serial killer in hopes of having a better understanding on their psychological profile.

3. The Daily

Topic: News & Politics

This podcast is put on by The New York Times and is a quick summary, usually less than 30 minutes, that breaks down the most important things which happened the day before.

This podcast is updated five days a week and often has guests that help to better break down and explain each story to the general public.

4. The Moth

Topic: Performing Arts

This podcast is one of my favorite podcasts to listen to. The Moth is actually a live show which can be found all over the United States. The storytellers are normal people who would like to tell their story. Usually, there is a topic that each story needs to somehow relate to in addition each story is true. Storytellers tell their stories without the use of notes, on a stage, under a spotlight. These stories are then recorded and the favorites are featured on the Moth podcast.

This podcast is one that you can listen to in order or out of order.

If you also enjoy this podcast, I would suggest visiting themoth.org to see if you can attend a live show.

5. Pod Save America

Topic: News & Politics

This podcast is narrated by four former aides to President Obama - Jon Favreau, Dan Pfeiffer, Jon Lovett, and Tommy Vietor - who are frequently joined by different comedians, activists, journalists, and politicians to talk about politics, the press and the challenges that are posed by the Trump presidency.

6. Stuff You Should Know

Topic: Society & Culture

Each episode in this podcast explores a different topic on how something works. This is a podcast that does not need to be listened to in any specific order and is usually under an hour.

7. In the Dark

Topic: News & Politics

This Podcast is truly chilling and will absolutely give you goosebumps. This case explores the abduction of 11-year-old Jacob Wetterling which took place in rural Minnesota. This case is over 27 years old and is still not solved today.

This case was the forefront of how the United States handles child abduction, stranger danger, and the sex-offender registries in the US.

** While this Podcast was being recorded, there was a large development in this case, and a Man came forward and brought police to the remains of Jacob Wetterling. The case has since been given closure and closed.

8. Ted Talks Daily

Topic: Education

This podcast brings you short thought-provoking ideas on literally every subject imaginable. This is a podcast that I mostly listen to in the morning on my commute to work.

9. Serial

Topic: News & Politics

I'm sure that you have already heard of this Podcast, but if you haven't I would absolutely suggest listening to it. There are two seasons, the first I enjoyed more than the second, but they are both extremely addicting to listen to!

The first season is the story of Hae Min Lee, a high-school senior who disappeared in 1999 one day after school and was found a month later in a city park.

The second season is about Bowe Bergdahl, who was a United States Army Soldier who held captive in Afghanistan by the Taliban.

10. Someone Knows Something

Topic: News & Politics

The title of this podcast alone has me hooked, because as is with everything -- someone knows something. This is a podcast that is from CBS Radio that currently has three seasons.

The filmmaker/narrator/host is David Ridgen. In season one you will learn about the 1972 disappearance of a 5-year old boy, Adrien McNaughton who vanished in Ontario, Canadia.

Season two focuses on the disappearance of Sheryl Sheppard from Hamilton, Ontario, Canadia. Season three looks at the 1964 Murder of Dee & Moore. The charges against two men were ultimately dropped, but it is believed the James Ford Seale and Charles Marcus Edwards were the murderers.

One thing that I really like about this Podcast is that when a new season beings if there are updates on the past mysteries, they will add an "update" Podcast and talk about the new updates.

11. Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories

Topic: Society & Culture

This podcast seems as if you are listening to old time radio as they talk about different true cold cases and unsolved murders. Some of the stories overlap with serial killers from the podcast Serial Killers, but different information and plot twists make you think about the cases in a different way.

12. Up and Vanished

Topic: News & Politics

This Podcast is an unsolved mystery of a beauty queen and school teacher Tara Grinstead. This mystery takes place in Georgia and is an 11-year old cold case.

The investigation is still ongoing and it is fascinating to listen to this story which will captivate you and leave you will goosebumps.

13. Global News Podcast

Topic: News & Politics

This podcast is from the BBC World News Service and it a short overview of global news. This podcast is usually updated twice a day weekly and once over the weekend.

14. Criminal

Topic: Society & Culture

This Podcast is a series of short stories about different true crime stories. Some of them scary, some cooky and some strange.

What I like most about this podcast is that some of the stories are stories of people who have done wrong, have been wronged or fall somewhere in the middle. Every episode is interesting and addictive... I'm sure, like me, you'll find yourself binge listening!

15. American Fashion Podcast

Topic: Fashion & Beauty

This podcast is quite interesting especially if you are interested in designing, making, and the selling of garments and accessories. These podcasts are made up of many diverse people will have various connections to the fashion world who give interviews about different topics within the fashion business.

16. Grammar Girl Quick & Dirty Tips for. Better Writing

Topic: Education

This podcast is made up of short, friendly tips to help improve writing. In addition, for me living aboard, it helps me to better explain and understand the ins and outs of all things grammar!

17. Accused

Topic: News & Politics

This podcast currently has two seasons. The first is about the 1978 Murder of Elizabeth Andes who was found murdered in her apartment in Oxford, Ohio. This case was quickly closed, within two hours (!!), when the police decided that her at the time boyfriend committed the murder, but two juries disagreed. So, this podcast takes a closer look at the other possible suspects and tries to search for answers - was the correct person charged or did the real killer walk free?

18. This American Life

Topic: Society & Culture

This is a newish weekly podcast that is in collaboration with Chicago Public Media. All of the episodes are about 1 hour long and talk about different stories, all true, that you probably have never heard before.

19. My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff & Georgia Hardstark

Topic: Comedy

This podcast is narrated by Karen Kilgariff & Georgia Hardstark, and these two women, lifelong fans of true crime stories, talk about and tell each other their favorite tales and murders, in addition to telling hometown crime stories from friends and fans.

Mixed into their episodes, they have minisodes - which are exactly what they sound like... mini-episodes about different true crime stores.

20. Casefile

Topic: Society & Culture

This podcast is a little different as it is not an investigative podcast, but it does offer stories of true crime stories in a frightening way. The narrator has a pretty thick Australian accent and talks about a new case with each episode. Some of the stories have been solved and others remain unsolved.

21. NPR's Planet Money

Topic: Business

This podcast breaks down the economy with stories that easily explain the ins and outs of a variety of different topics that are all related to what's going on with the economy.

22. Wrongful Conviction

Topic: Society & Culture

This podcast is a series of different wrongful convictions, hosted by Jason Flom, based off of the files of the lawyers who eventually freed them. Each episode features interviews with the men and women who have already spent time in prison for crimes that they did not commit - some have even spent decades in prison or sentences to the death penalty.

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